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What to look for in a professional entertainer?


I am sitting at the airport about to board a flight for a corporate function in Namibia. I realise how
fortunate I have been in my life to have seen so many places I would never have been too.

As a professional corporate entertainer I have met people from around the world and it is so satisfying
as you really get to experience the culture. A lot of the time I have simply landed these
jobs and have considered myself lucky. But on most occasions, the client has sought me out, either
via an agency or through my own marketing efforts.

But what does a client look for in an entertainer?

1. Professionalism

This is your brand and how you portray your image.

2. Service

How long will you take to respond to a client’s needs? After sales follow up and being adaptable
at the function.

3. Experience

Today hype can easily mislead a client with websites claiming the world. But the proof is
in the pudding as they say.

4. The client will experience you in far more than just your performance.

How you interact via your correspondence and attitude. A helpful attitude and getting the job done, being the
most important attributes you can have.

5. Having a professional show that entertains on all occasions but being adaptable to

Always delivering the goods is the main criteria and expected.


Experience the magic of a corporate magician! Ideal for corporate venues, weddings, tradeshows and more!

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