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Using business cards as marketing tools

Colin Underwood – Corporate Magician

Performers Business cards can work some magic for you!

I will do the show and then get permission from the birthday mom to display my business cards. The best place for them is on the tea table. I ribbon spread the cards making a nice display which catches the mom’s eye during tea. I generally just ask the moms who would like business cards.

If you do a good show, moms WILL take your card. They go to many parties and can tell a good show from a bad one.

Just a mention here about your performing character when dealing with parents and I mean especially as a clown character and you have make up on it is a good thing to become more normal if this is possible, as they (the moms) will be looking at a rather unusual face with a big red nose attached!

I have found it is better to be in normal character when discussing where to perform and your needs. As soon as this is done you can move back into the clown or comedy character.

As adults we are judging that person under the makeup according to our own belief patterns, and rather unfairly, it will put you in the idiot category.

Something to consider…I used to be in charge of my own mini circus show with other artists and being the clown I was never approached to discuss the show or if someone was interested in the performance for another function they would go to the ringmaster or the magician.

Experience the magic! Ideal for corporate venues, weddings, tradeshows and more!

Call Colin for more details : +27 (0) 78 625 9663 or drop him a mail:

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