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Performance Tips

colin-underwood-corporate-magicianPerformance tips by top Corporate Magician,  Colin Underwood.

Learn how costumes, characters & accessories all play a part in you giving your best performance.

For example what your character wears and what accessories he uses, immediately defines for an audience what to expect from him. e.g. Many cameras hanging around a character’s neck immediately indicate a comedy character.

The internet is a very useful source for character-work costumes.

Always take the weather into consideration – you need to be comfortable too when performing.

Antique shops often have much needed accessories and props.

Make-up is important  and can enhance a character’s look – remember especially on stage as stage lights can leave you looking bleached out.

Read more and  enjoy this free download by Colin Underwood.

Download free .pdf  on Costumes Accessories and Make-up here

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