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Johannesburg Corporate Magician

Ten ways to ensure you book a professional artist in Johannesburg.                            By Colin Underwood

Are you having nightmares about booking an artist for your next corporate event?

With internet access so easy nowadays, one can check your potential corporate entertainer on social

media and websites, but not every artist is truthful in his advertising.

1. Website

Is the corporate magician’s website modern and up to date? What are the products that he offers? Is his brand going to link with yours and your event? What age profile is he? (There is no

point in booking a very young artist for an awards function.) Are his photographs reflective of his work and what you require in an entertainer?

2. YouTube or Vimeo footage of the corporate artist.

Does the video itself have a strong image? Is the content applicable? Is the content politically correct? Is there a correlation between the image portrayed by the website and the actual footage link?

3. Google

The entertainer will have an on line presence and check his profile and image that comes up. Where does his site rank? But sometimes an artist is an artist and not a businessman and will have very little online presence.

4. Facebook

Does the artist promote positive image of himself or are there skeletons in his cupboard?

5. Exaggeration

Check that the artist does not exaggerate and verify facts if necessary.

6. Client referrals from previous events and recommendation letters are one of the best means.

Check the date of the letter. Phone or email the clients mentioned.

7. Book your magician through a reputable agent if you are not sure.

The higher fee one pays an agent is sometimes worth it. There are many agents in Johannesburg and you should check their credentials as well. As demand increases for corporate entertainers toward the end of the year, many fly-by-night agencies crop up. These types generally are in children’s attractions and suddenly find themselves trying to source an experienced corporate entertainer.

8. Paperwork

Do you sign a contract? Does he ask for deposits/ Terms of business?

9. Current work and seeing the artist live

Try to get to see the magician or any entertainer live will be your best bet. But bear in mind seeing him perform at Aunty Beryl’s birthday will not reflect his show in a good light for corporate bookings.

10. How busy is this entertainer?

Ask about different dates for the booking and see what options you have.

About Colin Underwood

Colin Underwood is a professional corporate magician with 35 years’ experience currently living in Johannesburg.

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