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Experience the Magic !


– Video yourself and practice your moves and make them appear more natural. People pick up a nervous character and will react accordingly.

– Try out new tricks and routines, keeping it as simple as possible without losing the magic effect.

– Performing as a magician means you must get into magic mode no matter how small a thought it might be … but it is essential to get into character. I have found breath work to be particularly useful in focusing your energy inward and entering onto the stage with a bigger experience or feeling.

– Experience does help create your character but there are some short cuts, which can be incorporated at a very early stage.
The more you can get the public to believe in your magic the more impact you will have as a performer and entertainer. This is where studying other magicians especially the top ones to see how they have put their own style into their magic.

– Enhancing the magic… It is also useful to study theatre skills. Even dancing and singing classes aren’t too ridiculous to think about. These other skills, when applied to your magic, will enhance the magical experience. I have seen that performing magic is more than just showing tricks. It is an experience!!

– The mind will forget the magical details required to perform the illusion and rather will have a lasting memory of the effect itself…the very essence of performing magic! That’s why performing your magic as the layman sees it, for me, is the correct criteria. It is all about perceptions and psychology.

Experience close-up magic!

Ideal for corporate venues, weddings, tradeshows and more!

Call Colin for more details : +27 (0) 78 625 9663 or drop him a mail:

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