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Comedy Acting Techniques for Character Performers

Comedy Acting Techniques for Character Performers, by Colin Underwood. Surprise is vital for character entertainers and increases magical entertainment. Especially in children's shows. The more surprised you act, the funnier your audience will find your routine. Suspense in another excellent element…

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Performance Tips

Performance tips by top Corporate Magician,  Colin Underwood. Learn how costumes, characters & accessories all play a part in you giving your best performance. For example what your character wears and what accessories he uses, immediately defines for an audience…

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The performing environment

The performing environment can either enhance or distract from your performance. By taking various factors into account such as : type and size of venue flow of people be aware of your surroundings - e.g. fixtures such as chairs, tables music…

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Magicians Give away Stickers!

Magicians Give away Stickers! Another great cost effective marketing tool! I also have a sticker with my clown face (if you are a magician this can be a logo or picture of your rabbit) and all my contact details on…

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